About WSM?

The sports revolution has just begun in India and who better to help you grow your business in this industry? We are leaders in brand management, grassroots football, event management, and digital marketing. With a team of experts, we work with some of the most renowned figures in sports to deliver nothing but excellence to our clients.

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Portuguese Football Manager JOSE MOURINHO
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Here's a list of Services we provide

Our Services

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: We have realized how important the digital image of an individual or entity is in today's world, not just in society but especially in the sports market in India where growth and success have been linked to social presence and digital activities. We cover all facets of digital marketing for our clients in order to improve their brand image and exposure in the public domain. This leads to additional revenue sources for them. Our digital marketing team perfectly uses everything from Google marketing to social media marketing and management to leverage the best results for our clients.

Event Management

Event Management: If there's one thing that gets us and our team going, then that is event management. Having done it on various levels, we love organizing sporting events and competitions from an amateur to a professional level. We manage the planning, hosting, scheduling, and various other aspects that go into the execution of the event. We also work hand in hand with corporate entities to deliver unforgettable events which have helped us succeed in this domain for so long.

Grassroots Development

Grassroots Development: Grassroots development is the basis for the evolution and establishment of sports and sporting players along with all the stakeholders, creating a holistic system for one another. We strive to achieve greatness and quality by delivering a solution-oriented methodological approach to students who love sports. We believe factors like the passion, interest, desire, and ambition of students make them a valuable asset for us to mould and promote through our various clubs and academies.

Turf Management

Turf Management: We, at WSM also are actively involved in procuring and maintaining turfs in and around the city. We use these grounds as a platform to host commercial events with our clients, deliver skills and training to kids, and much more. We aspire as one, to help develop sports in a country of millions so that everyone has access to play and cherish the sport they love be it on a professional level or an amateur level.

Fitness and Yoga

Fitness and Yoga: Apart from sports, we believe in the health and wellness of everyone. With health issues becoming common, it is necessary to keep our body active and give it the care it needs. We host fitness and yoga classes for anyone and everyone to help improve their everyday lives and any ailments they may have. Our goal is to inculcate a message that be it a sportsperson or not, the wellbeing of the body is something everyone is entitled to and we are there at every stage to show you the right practices and the right way to sustain the body and mind.

Sports Psychology

A psychologist plays a crucial role in the world of football by providing a range of specialized services to athletes, teams, and coaches. Their expertise in the field of psychology can greatly contribute to the mental well-being, performance, and success of football players. While physical training and tactics are crucial, the mental aspect of the game is equally significant. A psychologist helps players develop mental resilience, cope with pressure, and perform optimally under challenging circumstances. By addressing psychological factors, they contribute to overall player well-being, promote a positive team culture, and enhance the team's chances of success. In an increasingly competitive and high-pressure environment, the services of a psychologist can give a football team a significant edge and help players reach their full potential


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